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Anesthesia and Sedation is for Everyone!

Dentist anesthesiologists dedicate their practice to the delivery of anesthesia and sedation services to dental patients only. Therefore, dentist anesthesiologists are very familiar with the needs of all age ranges of dental patients. Each age group requires varied technique approaches to meet their differing behavioral and emotional makeup. Dentist anesthesiologists gain extensive experience in their residency training to manage this diverse group of patients. Examples of this diversity might include a frightened 2 year old child or an elderly patient who has declining mental capacity due to the onset of dementia.

By discussing your own or your dependents needs with your dentist anesthesiologist, an anesthetic plan can be formulated that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

The ultimate goal of any anesthetic or sedation plan is patient safety. This requires that the anesthesia provider be knowledgeable, experienced and vigilant. Of equal importance, is a thorough understanding and implementation of the preoperative instructions by the patient. By clicking on the following age appropriate links, patient’s can acquaint themselves with instructions that need to be followed to make anesthesia and sedation a safe and effective experience.

Pediatric/Teenager Patient Anesthesia

Adult Patient Anesthesia

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